Road Safety Rules


Message on Road Safety

» Drive safe, be safe.
» Overtake only from right.
» Don't mix drinking with driving.
» Never jump red light, it may cost your life.
» Road safety is a matter of life and death.
» Safe Roads save lives.
» Don't run for r out of running bus.
» Don't ride with children in your lapin the front seat.
» Always keep children on the back seat.
» Always walk on the foot-path facing traffic.
» Put on head lights during day time also (for two-wheelers).
» Put additional reflectors on your cycle/bullock cart/two wheeler.
» Wear yellow orange color clothes while driving cycle two wheeler.
» Always have concern for fellow road user.
» Always wear helmet while driving/riding two wheeler.
» Two wheeler is meant for two persons only.
» Never Zig-zag on the roads.
» Lane driving is safe driving.
» Follow traffic rules-be safe and let others be safe.