Our Facilities

Library: - A very spacious rich school library which is well equipped with the reading material both for academic purposes and for pleasure also.

Laboratories: - Physics, Chemistry and Biology laboratories are well equipped and safe places to conduct the experiments for the academic purposes.

Sports: - Gyan Sthali provides a wide range of games and sports facilities for the students by qualified games teachers and grounds man.

Generator: - Full backup generation of electricity is provided in the school campus.

Art and Craft Room: - Well decorated and well lit art and crafts rooms are provided for the children to practice their artistic feelings in modeling, book binding and other crafts.

Security: - Gyan Sthali is fully secured institution from all the intruders through high walls, CCTV cameras and armed guards throughout the institutional interactions.

Transport: - Gyan Sthali provides the transport services to pick and drop facilities to the students from their local points.

Computer: - Being an integral part of learning and recreation computers are provided to the students for advanced learning experiences.

Horse Riding: - Full fledged horse riding training is provided by a trained staff to the students.