Examinations & Promotion

As per the most resent Central Board of Secondary Education directives we are following the continuous comprehensive evaluation (CCE) process for the assessment of the students to promote them in the next higher grades.

Grades are also awarded in all the co- curricular activities and practical assignments. Due consideration is given to these activities in the promotion to the next higher class.

Gyan Sthali stresses a lot on the attendance of the students in the academy. 90% attendance is mandatory for a student to enable him for the promotion to the higher class.

Students are expected

* To follows all the rules and regulations of the institution. Any infringement thereof will invite suitable punishment.

* To pay full attention to the studies and must not disturb other students.

* To be regular and punctual in all school activities including the completion of class work, home work and other assignments.

* To be polite in speech and dignified and respectful in conduct towards all.

* To be friendly and co-operative with other students.

* To be careful about their belongings and keep them in order.

* To be protective of the school property. Any damage or breakage to it will be dealt sternly.

* To be tidy, smart and clean while coming to the academy.

* To communicate in English with each other.

* To abstain from foul speech, pilferage, infighting or groupism Indulgence in these activities might lead to very serious reprimand and punishments.

* To not to bring any type of mobile hand w in the school. In case of any emergency, the school administration may be contacted for the amicable solution.